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LOCATION - Centrally Connected

SRG Aluminium is equipped with all modern and industry standard equipment in state of the art factory premises at Industrial Area, Gwalior State of Madhya Pradesh, which is well connected via Air, Rail and Roadways.


With more than 30 Years of experience in the Aluminium Industry we manufacture quality assured Aluminium Alloy Ingots of varied range.

production process - systematic

Our Production Process is systematic in approach because we exercise a lot of testing mechanisms.

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The Process

Aluminium Alloy Ingots

SRG Aluminium have a capacity of producing 8000 metric ton per annum. We have installed most advanced aluminium base Lab Spectrometer for Chemical analysis.

The process can be undestood by means of following table: ( Flowchart View )

Steps Process Activity
1. Receipt of imported / virgin metal.
2. Container wise scrap stored in bins.
3. Sorting, segregating and removing the material.
4. Other impurities (if any) to be stored separately.
5. Thorough Spectro Analysis of segregated material.
6. Weighment
7. Melting of material with combination of aluminium
8. Fluxing and Drowsing
9. Removal of 'Fe' Contain from the bottom
10. In process Spectro Analysis at various stages.
11. Addition of alloy elements
Steps Process Activity
12. In process sample analysis
13. Degassing, Refining and Fluxing
14. Filtration
15. Casting Ingots
16. Final Spectro Analysis
17. Puncing of Heat Nos. on the ingots.
18. Quenching
19. Removing Flashes (Blunding / Staking)
20. Weighment
21. Warehousing
22. Invoicing
23. Dispatch